Iconoclastic unschoolers

You may ask me what an iconoclastic unschooler is; well the best way to describe us is to say we are not conventional homeschoolers. We do not follow the norm; I do not feed my daughter a bunch of ‘facts’ for her to base her belief system or her education on. Learning to us is about exploring, questioning what we read, see and hear. To encourage a free thinker is how we approach and experience life. I will not and cannot expect my intelligent child to adopt my set of values or accept everything I tell her without her having the thirst to gain her own truths.

This ‘revelation’ if you like began just over 4 years ago when I began to see my child start showing signs of severe stress and boredom with the public school education she was receiving. Deep down I always believed that there was more to life than the ‘standard’ education we are indoctrinated with in order to be successful individuals, so I suppose the decision to enroll my daughter in main stream schooling came out of fear of not doing what was ‘acceptable’ at the time. It took me 2 years to build up the courage to go with my gut instinct and take her out of a system that was slowly destroying her personality, a system that was shaping her to be a conformist. It started with the uniform and from there it led to highlighting what her strengths and weaknesses were, to labeling, categorising, restricting and limiting individual growth. I basically saw her once vibrant personality whither before my eyes, as she took on the yolk of societies norms. Her creativity and individualism was slowly being stripped away from her. Once the decision was made to leave the system our lives took on new meaning.

Life and living was about to be restored ….this is our journey….

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